If People Counted – some links

In case you are curious to get started on developing your Pop Econ muscles, here are some links that might be of interest to you.

Links to Organizations with an Interest in Popular Economics

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Centre for Popular Economics

Community Economies


Electronic resources

Economics for Everyone (Book and Lesson plans)
Jim Stanford, a well-known columnist and economist involved in the labour movement, wrote this tool.

Economics for the 99% (Zine)
Created through the Centre for Popular Economics for their Summer Institute 2012.

Popular Education and Diverse Economies (Blog )
Blog by chris cavanagh looking at the relationship between these two terms.

Reimagining Capitalism: Bold Ideas for a New Economy (Article)
William Greider wrote this article for The National on  June 8, 2011.

Take Back the Economy: An Ethical Guide for Transforming Our Communities (Interview)
Katherine Gibson, Jenny Cameron and Stephen Healy talk to Society & Space co-editor Jane M. Jacobs about their forthcoming book: Take Back the Economy: An Ethical Guide For Transforming Our Communities, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2013.

Vandana Shiva: Our Violent Economy is Hurting Women (Article)
Published in Yes! Magazine January, 2013.

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