One-Stop Pop-Ed Shop Co-op Consultancy Services
The services we offer are part of our commitment to collective learning and sustainable, positive, socially just change.

  1. Seizing the Moment: A popular education approach to Strategic Planning
    Catalyst Centre will help you move your strategic planning beyond an annual event to a permanent process of critical engagement and participation by all members of an organization and community in critical thinking and planning. More
  2. Work – Play – Think – Do: A popular education approach to staff, board and volunteer training
    At Catalyst we see all stakeholders in your organization as learners who need and deserve to be engaged holistically whether that is by making puppets, creating workshops, or hosting community conversations. Let Catalyst help you extend the offer of learning to your staff, board, members and volunteers. More…
  3. Facilitation Services
    Sometimes a meeting or community event could benefit from an outside facilitator or meeting chair. Catalyst facilitators, skilled in various methods of facilitation and use of rules of order, can help you create and conduct a successful event. More


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