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A Different Kind of EconomicsCatalyst Fees Policy
Pay What You Can is the basis for all fees charged by the Catalyst Centre.
We mean it. But, that said, we know that this takes some getting used to. In short, we believe this is a just approach to economics – one that obliges individuals and institutions honestly to assess their ability to pay.

Our challenge, of course, and our hope is that the diversity of interest in our work and that of the participation in our programs will include both those for whom money is often a discouraging obstacle and those for whom money, by virtue of personal means or institutional support, is something they are in a position generously to share. Over time the revenue from our courses, workshops and consultancy (sometimes supported by grants) must cover our expenses. For example, while we may occasionally proceed with a workshop that runs a deficit this is only possible if, overall, our workshops and courses are breaking even or better.

The Political-Economics
We believe that a diverse economies approach practices solidarity with those individuals and communities struggling against injustice of all kinds and for a world of greater equity amongst individuals, communities and nations and environmental harmony and health for our beleaguered planet. Diverse economics is about more than money and budgets (as important as these are – for surely we have bills to pay) and it includes cooperative economics, non-profit economics, gift economics (including charitable work and an awful lot of volunteer work) and, of course, even a little bit of capitalist economics.

As a popular education cooperative we base our work on an anti-oppression framework and our aim is to share resources in an equitable and just fashion. We see ourselves as a member of those social movements struggling for social, economic, political and environmental peace and justice. The economics of our work is a complicated matter and one that we think needs to reflect, as much as possible, our ethics and politics of social justice and democracy. While Catalyst exists by virtue of thousands of hours of volunteer time and the generosity of individuals sharing material resources including physical space within which to meet and work, we also need enough cold-hard-cash to pay bills and sustain individual members in their lives. We promote diverse economics as a more just means of sharing resources. And we hope that we can be as generous with our wealth of experience as the world is with us.

For our fees for School of Activism workshops or Consultancy, please read this.



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