What some folks have said about Catalyst

The Catalyst Centre designed and delivered a training program on consensus decision making and participatory democracy for members of the New Politics Initiative. It helped us develop a much better understanding on new ways to conduct political discussion and decision making. Catalyst Centre facilitators also facilitated a consensus model for large groups  that helped get us through a very ambitious agenda of decision making and planning. Many of us continue to use the tools and skills we learned during the course of that meeting in our everyday work. Catalyst Centre helped us to make concrete some of our vision for doing politics differently. - Libby Davies

The Catalyst Centre has been a friend and support to the development of SKETCH, a community arts initiative in downtown Toronto engaging young people who live street involved, homeless or are otherwise marginalized. The art of hosting processes used by the Centre meant that everyone had access and invitation to participate in sometimes difficult conversations or in processes that they never would have worked on together. Barriers were reduced, creativity was celebrated and new ideas were generated. The approach of the facilitators of the centre is innovative, inclusive and entirely ‘human’. They make it possible to confront challenges and work together to make change possible and less frightening. They call us forth to be our authentic selves, and enter every situation with a view to discover the inherent capacities that we all have to craft new realities together.” -Phyllis Novak, Artistic Director  – SKETCH

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