The Catalyst Centre Popular Education Foundation ( CCPEF ) is a registered Canadian charity (BN#86610 6347 RR0002) that promotes innovation in adult learning and advances adult education.

As a charity we are known as PERCCI (pronounced perky). That stands for Popular Education and Research Catalyst Centre Incorporated. Mostly you will hear our community partners refer to us as Catalyst or PERCCI.

One of our current community partners is Regent Park Focus. This is a fabulous media arts program working with youth. To find out more about this great project check out one of these links: Regent Park Focus, Radio Regent, or Regent Park TV.

The PERCCI also supports The One-Stop Pop Ed Shop Worker Co-op who are often contracted to carry out the work of the Charity. You can read more about the Worker Co-op by clicking on the Who We Are? link on the left.


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