Over the years, the Catalyst has developed and managed a unique, multilingual collection of international and Canadian materials in different aspects of popular and adult education, provided information services, including information searches and dissemination, facilitated research, and created  links with the popular education, activist and adult education communities in Canada and worldwide.

It is a rich and always-growing collection that includes hundreds of manuals and curricula, thousands books, pamphlets and flyers, DVDs, ’zines and a rapidly expanding digitial collection. Many items are rare pieces that had quite limited regional distribution and have been out-of-print since they were first published. The Catalyst collection also serves as the archives for some important, now gone, popular education projects such as Naming the Moment (1986-1996), the Doris Marshall Institute for Education and Action (1988-1998) and other.

Some of the subject headings include:

  • Adult Education
  • Anti-Racism
  • Native Sovereignty
  • Community Arts
  • Community Organizing
  • Environmental Education
  • Human Rights Education
  • Labour Education
  • Literacy
  • Popular Economics
  • Popular Education
  • Popular Arts/Theatre
  • Queer Pedagogy
  • more

Although the Resource Centre does not currently exist in one physical location, materials can be accessed with the help of Catalyst members.

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