Equitas - International Human Rights Training Program Facilitator's Manual

This three-week human rights education curriculum is packed with participatory activities and strongly influenced by popular education. Also at this site a Participant Manual and a Resource Manual.

Evaluating Human Rights Training Activities: A Handbook for Human Rights Educators

An excellent resource manual filled with tools suited to evaluating learning and training activities. Transferable to many different contexts.

Connecting Our Selves: Learning for Social Action... The Case of the Moment Project by Lynne Davis

A doctoral thesis (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto) examining The Moment Project. One additional appendix can be downloaded from this link.

3 Responses to Catalogue

  1. Lynne Davis says:

    Do you have an on-line copy of Denise Nadeau’s “Counting Our Victories”?


    • admin says:

      Hey, Lynne – we had a website update issue which disappeared our catalogue. I’ve just restored things and you’ll see that Denise’s COV is available for download.



  2. deborah says:

    No Lynne. I do not. Tell me more about it.