The world of publishing takes many forms at the Catalyst Centre.

As part of our Resource Centre, Catalyst holds reprint rights for several popular education publications including Naming the Moment By Deborah Barndt, The Ah Hah Manual by GATT-Fly, Ready for Action by OPIRG-Guelph and others.

Catalyst creates and publishes many ‘zines  – often as companion pieces for workshops and courses. Most Catalyst ’zines are published as open source and you can access them online. A few of our titles are:

Not Just a Bag ‘o Tricks: a collection of pop. ed. exercises.
Walking the Talk: Democratic Facilitation and Design
Comeuppance: Storytelling and Social Justice

Recently Catalyst has expanded its publishing to include a monthly newsletter and a steadily growing use of  social media. On our Facebook community page we are connecting followers to popular education resources of which there are more available on-line every month. We are also publishing tools that we use in Catalyst workshops and training. The goal is to create a learning community to discuss important issues, reflect on and improve popular education theory and practice.

Coming soon: Catalyst on Twitter.

A regularly-published popular education journal is currently in development. Catalyst members and friends of Catalyst have diverse experiences and knowledge to share for which a journal will serve nicely.

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