Who Are We?

A Brief History of Catalyst

The Catalyst Centre was founded in 1998 by chris cavanagh, Matthew Adams, Clare Nobbs and Darashani Joachim. Each brought to Catalyst experience (and expertise) from various struggles for social justice including popular education, adult literacy, the peace movement, indigenous sovereignty solidarity, anti-racism and more.

Two institutions were created, a charity whose purpose is to promote innovative educational practices and theory including popular education, environmental education and more and a worker co-op.

Catalyst followed in the footsteps of numerous popular education groups and projects from which it drew inspiration and learning including the Doris Marshall Institute for Education and Action, the Naming the Moment Project, the Participatory Research Group, Highlander Research and Education Center and many more.

Today we are a small dynamic collective of popular educators/community activists based in Toronto. Catalyst Centre works toward promoting cultures of learning for social change. We work with diverse communities, groups, and organizations to provide workshops, training, and planning, as well as, supports to community projects.

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