Catalyst Worker Co-op

The “Catalyst Centre One-Stop Pop-Ed Shop Worker Co-op” is a collective of educators committed to democratic, social justice education and community development. Popular Education is a movement, a practice and a theory of social change that is based on learning and committed to resisting unjust uses of power.

The Catalyst Centre celebrates and promotes innovative learning, popular education, research and community development to advance positive social change.

Our values:

  • Recognizing the uneven distribution of political, economic, and social power in every aspect of our lives, we aim to provide a forum for critical thinking and collective learning.
  • We believe in supporting research by those who do not traditionally have access to research monies and infrastructure.
  • We believe in creating a space where communities can gather to draw on the abundance of adult learning experience and expertise.
  • We recognize our differences—social, cultural, political, or otherwise—and draw strength from our diversity. By identifying the connections between our struggles, we can take collective action towards positive social change.

Here are some of the activities that the worker co-op hopes to achieve:

  • Consulting – assist your organization with its planning, facilitation, training, and curriculum needs through the creation of events based firmly in popular education;
  • School of Activism – workshops, conversations, and events focused on creating a more socially just world;
  • Resource Library – a collection of books, manuals and other resources in paper and electronically;
  • Research – be a part of research that helps us all to learn about sustainable change that challenges existing power dynamics and moves to a more level playing field for us all.

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